• Islamic Practice in an Islamic Environment

  • Relieve our students from the conflict between home and public school values

  • Open the door to our students to achieve extracurricular activities without jeopardizing their Islamic values and education and relieve them from extra-efforts spent in Islamic education after school hours or during the weekend. This time can be used to archive significant extracurricular activities/programs.

  • No conflicts between being American and being a Muslim

  • It’s very important for Muslim kids to be able to go to a school in which they are taught by Muslim and non-Muslim teachers, yet affirm who they are and allow the creative space to be comfortable being Muslim


  • To provide an excellent academic and Islamic education within an Islamic environment

  • To produce children of good character to contribute to building a successful community and who have a commitment to individual excellence, family, community, and humanity.

  • To help our students develop strong Islamic values, self-confidence, a positive attitude, and respect for self and others.

  • To prepare the next generation of Muslim American leaders who will serve humanity in true Islamic character, through knowledge, compassion, and the highest moral standards


  • The Augusta Muslim community is a fast growing community that is able to contribute to the success and excellence of the Augusta community through building a high caliber and competitive educational institute based on Islamic values

  • Provide a college preparatory school that strives to give the next Muslim generation the knowledge, skills and establishes Islamic values they will need to succeed in college and move on to the careers of their choosing.